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Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Konrad has spent years creating musical magic on all coasts for both the Canadian music and theatre scenes. Konrad has been a musical director, arranger and pianist on stages from Neptune Theatre to the Charlottetown Festival, from Stage West (both Toronto and Calgary) to Diamond Tooth Gerties’ Casino in Dawson City. As an arranger and musical director, Konrad has worked on such shows as Death the Musical, Napoleon, A Matter of Heart, Moving Day and Funny Business. Konrad has also helped workshop shows by some of Canada’s finest writers, such as Leslie Arden (One Step Forward), Cathy Elliott (Moving Day/Fireweeds), Jim Betts (Extraordinary) and Cliff Jones (Joplin).


 Taking a seat in the recording studio, Konrad has arranged and produced for artists such as Ian Sherwood, Grant Tilly, J. Sean Elliott, Lee Seigel and Carroll Godsman. Armed with a Masters in Classical Performance, Konrad has also tickled the ivories for various television shows such as Gospel Challenge and Bathroom Divas, as well as several stints aboard Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines. He has also been featured at the Chester Jazz Festival and competed in two national piano competitions.


As a vocal coach, Konrad spent two years developing programs and teaching at the Canadian College for the Performing Arts in Victoria, BC. He also regularly badgers a slew of Canada’s best performers to “breathe” as a private vocal coach.

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